Basil D'Souza

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Web Services Implementation

This project was undertaken to provide a web interface to the business rules engine of the Vistaar application. It was designed to provide a convenient way to interact with the rules engine.

The web services performed no business logic and only forwarded and validated messages between external clients and the rules engine. It also was capable of connection pooling to use multiple instances of the rules engine for greater throughput.

All of the code related to connection pooling, validation, etc were packaged in a jar. Whereas the web services would be dynamically generated based on an xml configuration file. The file would be read and appropriate web method calling the functions from the jar would be generated in a java source file.

This source file would then be compiled and built into a web service without requiring any manual java coding. Since it was auto generated, it could be changed even after deployment without following a long release cycle.


A brief overview of 'Web Services Implementation'


  • Java
  • JAX-WS
  • WSIT
  • Tomcat

Original Team (Role)

  • Basil Dsouza (Requirements Gathering, Designer, Developer)
  • Colleagues at Vistaar (Requirements Gathering, Co-Designer, Tester)


  • Started in: April 2008
  • 3 Months, currently in progress


  • Sources - Not Available
  • Binaries - Not Available
  • Documentation - Not Available