Basil D'Souza

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My Professional Projects

Listed in this section are projects I have worked on as part of my day job.

Since I have been paid to do this, most of the IP for these projects belong to the companies that hired me to do them. So I would not be able to release any source or binaries wrt to these projects unless I have recieved permission to do so from my managers.

Many of these projects were done by reading up on various technologies of the net. However, for some topics I couldnt find any proper documentation. I had to make do by going through loads of specifications* or through trial and error. So I wrote a few guides for those tasks, which I will be hosting.

Note: Specifications are not a substitute for documentation (especially when working with a technology with a very broad scope. They are too verbose and too big to be of direct use. You could try to implement a webservice based on the soap and the wsit specifications to understand what i mean.

Also, in the summary for professional projects, I will not mention the names of the other people involved. Instead I will refer to them as "colleagues". This is because I am not certain of the privacy they or the company would expect w.r.t. to disclosing their names.

List of projects

The list of projects in this section:

Web Services Implementation
Implemented a webservice based interface to the features provided by the Business rules engine of the Vistaar Application.
Load balancing and clustering a Web Application
Setup a apache/tomcat cluster and modified a web application to make it clusterable. Also replaced the use of CORBA with RMI.
Profiling and Optimizing a Web application
Optimized a web application based on load testing and other profiling information. Also implemented selective http compression between applets and the web application.
Permissions based Object Security
Implemented permission based object security, by caching and converting permissions from a security server to a format usable by the presentation layer.
Web Application Security
Worked on securing the web interface, as well as the internal workings of a web application.
Porting a Web application for various servers
Worked on standardizing a web application to make it deployable on a variety of Web/Application servers, as well as allowing it to be properly deployed as well as undeployed without restarting the J2EE server.
ETL Transform Component
Implemented the transform component of an ETL engine capable of supporting a variety of input as well output formats using plugins.