Basil D'Souza

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My Hardware Projects

Listed in this section are projects that involve special hardware as well as software. I have not worked on a lot of hardware projects cause of my lack of electronic know how. Also, electronics demands much greater precision, where one mistake can mean having to redo the entire thing again.

The projects listed are either those that involve simple electronics and a larger software component or those for which i got help with the electronics.

Since these are hardware related projects, most of the related code will only work with that kind of hardware. So it might be of limited use. I will also release whatever schematics or documentation I create relating to the projects. These may be of more assistance.


The projects listed in this section involve hardware and may bring you in close proximity to electric charges. Any mistakes in these projects, either by me while documenting them, or while you are performing them, may prove fatal.

As such, I will not be held liable for any ill effects that arise from I will not be responsible for any ill e Most of these projects were written while I was still in college. The quality of the code as well as the documentation would not be production quality. Thus using the code in a production enviroment, or any critical system would not be recommended. Also, the mandatory, "WITHOUT WARRANTY", "NO LIABILITY", etc, etc. clauses do apply here.

List of projects

The list of projects in this section:

An autonomous robot drivven by differential steering and capable of responding to input provided via light sensors.
An exercise bike interfaced to the computer (via the microphone port) capable of displaying telemetrics from the bike as well as using that information in any software.