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Robot Simulator

Robot Simulator is a java application that can simulate the actions of a PIC 16F84 based robot based on an input program written in assembly.

It can interpret the standard PIC assembly code and run a user designed robot on a user designed track. Robots can be defined via plain text "cfg" files, and the track can be designed in any image editor that supports saving to the "png" format. Any robot that steers by differential movements of its wheels, and that accepts input via light sensors can be simulated via this program.

This project was done in collaboration with Candice Braganza. I designed and wrote the overall program and she wrote the simulator for the PIC.
The PIC implementation is programmed based on the data sheets of the PIC. So it actually understands the assembly code, and even simulates the internal data structures.
(A few features had to be left out due to certain complexities).

The program is very configurable, however it doesnt provide a graphical user interface to do that yet. And all configurations have to be done by manually editing the files. That is something that still requires work.


A brief overview of 'Robot Simulator'


  • Java
  • Swing / AWT

Original Team (Role)

  • Basil Dsouza (Designer, Developer)
  • Candice Braganza (Developer)


  • Started in: December 2005
  • Originaly took 3 months


  • Sources - Comming Soon
  • Binaries - Comming Soon
  • Documentation - Comming Soon


Please keep in mind that most of these projects were written while I was still in college. The quality of the code as well as the documentation would not be production quality. So using the code for any production system would not be recommended.