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Ragnarok Database

Ragnarok Database is a project in JSP to display information about monsters, players and guilds from the game ragnarok. It can dynamically generate pages with the information sorted and laid out on multiple pages.

It also provides the capability of complete and partial text searches on various fields, for any particular info and displays the results in a properly sorted and paged list.

This was taken up as a third year (of engineering) mini-project. It was done as a group, with 2 other members besides me. Ravi Dsouza was responsible for the web designing of the pages. Adolf Lobo worked on the database schema design. And I was responsible for the JSP pages, database connectivity, etc.


A brief overview of 'Ragnarok Database'


  • JSP
  • SQL
  • Tomcat

Original Team (Role)

  • Basil Dsouza (Team Lead, J2EE Developer)
  • Ravi Dsouza (HTML Developer)
  • Adolf Lobo (Database Designer)


  • Started in: January 2005
  • 1 Week


  • Sources - Comming Soon
  • Binaries - Not Applicable
  • Documentation - Comming Soon


Please keep in mind that most of these projects were written while I was still in college. The quality of the code as well as the documentation would not be production quality. So using the code for any production system would not be recommended.