Basil D'Souza

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A few people I would like to thank

This site was a quite an effort to build over the last 2 months. I had to do a lot of work scanning my old project directories sifting through projects that were worth displaying and those that werent. And then thinking and remebering the details for all of them etc.

However, there is no way I would've completed this site in such a short time without all the great help I recieved from so many people.

My Girlfriend: Candice

Candice helped me immensily with almost every facet of completing the site. Whether it was tolerating the long monologues on which hosting provider was better, or helping me with styles and designs for the website. She was always there to help me.

She did a lot of valuable editing work, pointing out gramatical mistakes, as well as any other slipups that might have gone past my notice.

She even provided me with content and suggestions for most of my non-project pages, without which I would have still been scratching my head wondering how to describe myself.
(And no, she didnt write this section, I did :)

My Family

I must thank my family. Not for the site specifically, but for tolerating me, even though I spend every moment that I am at home at the computer.

They may not understand most of what I do at the computer, but they are still supportive and understanding. If not for that maybe I would not have anything worth displaying on this site at all.

So thanks a lot folks !

My Friends

I would like to thank my friends (especially Yorrick and Carlyle) for their opinions and suggestions on my site.

Yorrick helped by reviewing the visual styles and layouts and also offering to help with photoshopping any images that were needed. He also added his 2 cents for a few of my project writeups. He even lent me his credit card since I did not have one, and wasnt able to purchase my domain name without it.

Carlyle helped with the suggestions for getting my site hosted. He was very helpful with information regarding getting a domain name as well as hosting. Especially when I had just started looking for good hosts and had no clue what to expect. And he also gave me a few tips on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and suggested SEF (Search Engine Friendly) URL's.

The Guy who designed this template

I would like to thank "LoadFoo" for the lovely template he created. That reduced my effort of designing a site from scratch.

... and you, for visiting my site

It may sound corny, but if it wasnt for the people visiting it, i dont think there would be any point in having a site up.

So thanks for visiting my site. :)