Basil D'Souza

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Why I made this site

I started working on this site because I felt the need for a web presence. And I did not want to have just a page one some social networking site. Instead I wanted a place where I could control how I present myself. Display as much information about myself, all on my own terms.

So this site is what I came up with, hope you like it.

How I made this site

This site is based on an html template by "LoadFoo". I found it on "Open Source Web Design", which has a nice collection of free web templates.

I made a home brewed template engine by splitting the single html file, into various sections (like headers, footers, etc) so that any changes would have to be done in as few locations as necessary.

Then, I wrote code that would auto generate the menus based on the data from an array. I also wrote functions to auto generate a recent entries list other simmiliar dynamic content. This makes the job of editing the site quite easy, since I donot have to manually chage all links and verify them. I just have to change a single value in an array and all of the links update themselves.

All of this could also be taken from a database, but when I started work on my site i did not have sql installed on my computer. And also, I was not sure whether my web host would support it.

Where I hosted this site

I found quite an economical host called "2GB Hosting". Which provides either windows or linux based hosting. I went for the linux option, since i am more comfortable with apache and php than asp/php with IIS.

I chose their shared hosting option since currently my requirements are rather small. So far their service has been great and I have had no cause for concern.